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Here we help employees achieve the dream, we learn together, grow together, we know that the achievement of our common achievements of the cause of our common.
In company advocate "efficiency first, technology leading" development concept under the guidance, to focus on creating "full of vitality, full of passion and innovation team, Shanghai people well in all aspects of" selection, use, sterile, leaving, scientific planning, and steady implementation, for the sound development of human resources, providing reliable policy guarantee.
"Open, fair and just" internal and external recruitment and selection environment, for the company to recruit talents, to create positive conditions; "competition, job rotation, sending" job experience form, reserve talents of the company reserves to lay a good foundation. At present, the company is vigorously implement the new project of talent strategy, implementation of all this, are powerful human resource support to the steady development of the company.
Dear friends, whether you are a school of technology workers, still have doctor's or master's degree of the senior professional personnel, in en min will be suitable for their own development opportunities. Whether you want to do a law-abiding, dull life, or to do a bold and enterprising person. As long as you agree with our values, identity of our cause, we warmly welcome you.
We will help each other and work together, to create a lifetime of regret in the future!
Compensation and benefits
Company to "professionalism, ability and performance" for positioning compensation principle, to improve employees "satisfaction and pride and happiness feeling" as the goal, to establish competitive salary strategy, to ensure that enhance the development of the economic benefits of the enterprises at the same time, focusing on the protection of employee benefits, really practicing corporate social mission and values. "The car is" only the beginning people happy life benefactor.
Company established a fair income distribution mechanism, providing the challenges and competitive remuneration for the management, technology, marketing, technical workers sequence, establish the efficient revenue growth mechanism, make the company the fruits of development benefit of the hard work and dedication to the majority of employees.
Company in accordance with the provisions of the state for employees to pay social insurance including pension, medical care, maternity, injury and unemployment) and for expatriate workers to buy accident insurance, and creatively put forward is a constant feature of "social insurance and welfare, to reduce the burden on the individual social security, improve employee well-being index.
In en min, employees can enjoy the comfort of national holidays, model workers, excellent staff, pacesetter can also participate in the organization of free travel.
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